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Music of the Uni-Verse™

The Music of the Uni-Verse™ has a variety of unique applications. We therefore have different types of Membership packages, so you can choose the best package that meets your personal and professional needs.

Free Membership

This free membership gives you access to our public tools and community resources as well as our monthly newsletter and discounts on our products and services.

Personalised Membership

If you feel you have diverse needs and would like to engage in a customised combination of our educational, personal development, arts and health related services. Please email us here so we can put together the package that best suits the transformations you feel you want to make in your life.

Personal Development & Healing Membership - £50 per month (minimum 6 month sign up)

This membership package is for those who are most interested in the medicinal application of the Music of the Uni-Verse™. Our healthcare services include Quantum Integrative Medicine, Creative and Expressive Therapies and BioAcoustic Mind-Body Medicine. This membership package offers you the chance to get a full physical as well as ‘mind-body’ assessment at The Orassy (our Quantum clinic). This membership will enable you to have access to significant discounts on our music/arts based therapies. From your initial assessment we will be able to diagnose and personalise the most effective treatment plan for you and your personal development, healing and transformation.

Our staff have over 20 years research experience and have treated patients with a great variety of conditions ranging from mental illnesses to chronic physical conditions.

To read more about our Clinic’s Quantum based Assessment and Treatment plans see the following links:

Experience the healing power of sound through the Music of the Uni-Verse™'s holistic approach and creative therapy method. Unlock Your Potential and Truly Transform Your Life.

Arts Based Membership - £30 per month (minimum 6 month sign up)

Are you an artist looking for more ways to make positive impact? Or an artist looking for ways to diversify your income through new and exciting applications of sound and music? Then this membership is for you. Here you will find discounts and packages on Academic Courses as well as Workshops and specialised Artist Development programs to expand your consciousness, potential, creativity as well as performance opportunities.

To find out more about our courses, workshops and programs. Click HERE to view our Services.