International Symposium for Science, Art & Metaphysics May 14th & 15th, 2016 at Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, London, UK.


The Game

Music of the Uni-Verse™: The Game

Music of the Uni-Verse™: The Game

Conquer the Demons of our ancient past to unlock the harmony hidden in our Ancient History. Journey through the the fall of Ancient Empires and join the quest to restore them.

Restore the harmony of the universe that was broken, through this unique game involving Art Therapy, Science & Fiction in a Fantasy World so we can unlock the Well Being and potential of each human, by using the musical chords of the Earth, the Human Body and the Stars.

The Music of the Uni-Verse™ is the Quest for Unlocking the Power of Sound, according to Natural Laws, for Planetary Well Being and Optimisation of Human Potential.

The Realisation of this Quest leads to revealing the Multi-Verses with the Music of the Uni-Verse. A Story Where You Are the Hero. An Orchestral Symphony of the Masterpiece of the Uni-Verse, a place called Home, a place where we can not only live but THRIVE.